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In our blogs we will talk about different aspects of marketing your business and getting the most out of our Budget Websites and Professional Websites.

Brochure Websites - Image Management System

In Black Country Websites professional brochure website solutions we have two, maybe three ways of managing images within the system, because these are a uniquely tailored solution each websites Content Management System is different and reflects that industries requirements for the web / customers budget.

One part of the CMS that is standard for all Professional Customers is the Image Management System, so we are going to look at how that works today.

Using the Image Management System

For this example we are going to use the case of a Car Sales Company, but it applies whatever industry we are building for.

Firstly log in to your Content Management System in the usual fashion and you will be presented with the interface that has been custom built for your business.

Scroll down your list of products or services and choose the item to edit, then click on the edit button next to it.

note. If your industry has a lot of products such as an online shop you will have to click on the product category first.

Garage Car Sales Content Management System CMS Edit a Product or Service

When you click edit on a product or service you will first be presented with the custom content items such as the category in which a products sits, scroll past these down to the Word Editor part of the 'Edit Product / Service' Page.

Editing a Product or Services Details in the Word Editor part of the Content Management System

Edit your text as required, then click at the end of your text in this case next to and to the right of the last bit of text, you should get a flashing cursor at the end of your sentence - now press the ENTER or RETURN button to go to a new line.

Your cursor should be flashing on the next line, now click the center button:

Image Center Button

This will center the text, then click the Insert / Edit Image button:

Edit Image Button in the Content Management System

This will open the image upload screen for inserting the rest of your images after your text in the listing:

Image Properties part of the Content Management / Image Management

Click the Browse Server Button to load the image Manager.

Adding and Choosing Images - Using the Content Management System

If you have already uploaded your image scroll down to it and double click (You can skip this next step) but if you are loading a fresh image or batch of images click Upload:

The Up-loader will appear:

Upload Progress Bar on the Content Management System Image Uploader

Click add files:

Add Files Content Management System

Select the images you want to upload:

Uploading Multiple Images to the Content Management System

And Click OPEN

The Image or range of images will appear in the uploader:

Loading Multiple Images into the Content Management System

Click the upload button on the right and wait for all the progress bars to complete, use the scroll bar to scroll to the bottom where you can see a progress bar for the whole of the uploads.

After the uploads complete find your image in the list and double click it to choose it, you will then be taken back to the image properties box:

Image Properties in the Content Management System

Click in the Width Box and type either the size in pixels or percentage as discussed in our meetings (And depending on if you are delivering the same or different content for mobile devices.), it should automatically work out the height for you as the image proportions are locked, then click the OK button.

It will be inserted into the word editor for you:

Inserted Image using the Image Management Software.

You now click the 'Save' button to save your changes, and navigate to your website clicking refresh to see your images live on the page.

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